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What I’m Looking Forward To This Summer
By Hannah Frisch
12 years, 6th grade


There are a lot of things I’m looking forward to this summer. The big one of course is summer vacation and the heat, but I’m looking forward to fishing too.
This winter and fall has been great. I got a lot of pheasants, and a lot of walleyes and crappies fishing, but it’s going to be fun going back out on the boat and fishing for some big bass. I like fishing for largemouth bass the most but smallmouth bass are just as much fun too. Walleyes are ok but I like doing a lot of long casts and reeling in and all of that stuff. I think bass fight more too.
I also love sitting on docks and catching bluegill and crappies. That is fun and relaxing. Another part about fishing off the dock for bluegills and crappies is that you get a fish almost every cast and once in awhile you will get a bass. I do it when I’m bored or if I want to go fishing but my dad can’t bring me out that day. The best part of it is that last year my dad taught me how to get a fish off a hook and that it is actually not that bad to touch a fish. They aren’t as gross as you think, so if I’m just fishing on the dock alone I can take them off without screaming.
I love to catch bass with swim jigs and Jungle Jigs. They work great for me. It is fun and I get a lot of fish. For swimming jigs, I like blue and white the best. For Jungle Jigs I like blue and black the best. I hope this year for fishing is just as good as last year and as much fun!

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