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Walleye Opener

By Hannah Frisch, 12 years

Hannah holds a walleye caught on opening weekend.

My dad, his friend, my grandpa, and myself, left for Otter Tail Lake at about 8 am. But we didn’t get on the lake till about 9:15 am. We had to get bait and that kind of stuff. We fished for about 6 hours. We tried everything, but only got 4 walleye and I got a perch.
It was busy there. We went to places with not as many boats and got nothing, we went to places with boats and didn’t get much. We saw a lot on the monitor but couldn’t get them in the boat. We used shiners. At the end of the day it started to get a little better but not much better.
The next day we went fishing at a small lake called Ten Mile and got quite a bit. We fished for only 2, maybe 3 hours and got 7 fish! It was weird we went to a lake that is a great walleye lake and only got a few, but we went to a lake that isn’t great for walleye and got good ones in only 2 hours. We used the same bait and everything that we did on Otter Tail.
It was only my dad, my dog Bailey, and me. It was Bailey’s first time in a boat and she liked it too. She didn’t care about the walleye but almost ate my minnow. I usually don’t like walleye fishing because you don’t cast, we just sit there and they don’t fight as good as bass, but I liked it. With walleye you get happier then with bass because they are sometimes harder to get. I am happy I went the second day. I didn’t think it was a good idea since the first day was bad, but my dad said just for a few hours since it was Bailey’s first time and we did good. After that, we gave Bailey her first bath in the lake with shampoo and all that stuff then, we went home and cleaned the fish. We gave them to my mom, which she was happy.
Like I said I don’t like walleye fishing as much as bass fishing but it was fun. I guess you just have bad days of fishing and good days of fishing... it just depends if the fish are hungry. So I guess I didn’t have a great walleye opener but I did have a great day after. Plus I got to play with Bailey! I can’t wait til bass opener!

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