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Spring Fever

By Hannah Frisch, 12 years, 6th grade

Hannah Frisch and her dog, Bailey, enjoyed some time outside during winter's last blizzard. Now they're ready to enjoy spring!

I have spring fever. Ever since it has been warmer out I have been outside as much as I can be.
In a few days my dad and I are going fishing for crappies at the channel I wrote about in my last article. I’m excited to see if they will bite as much as last year. Bailey, my dog, will be coming with too.
We are also going to some land that my grandma owns called Stony Broke. We are going to look for deer antlers. There is a lot of big deer there so I’m excited to see what we find. When it gets a little warmer I will probably go on our four-wheeler and kill some gophers. It is a lot of fun. They go and ruin my other grandma’s yard so she tells me to go and find some and then shoot them with my pellet gun.
While waiting for crappies and gopher hunting I have been playing basketball outside. We have a basketball hoop at my house and sometimes I practice for hours. Basketball is my favorite sport. I practice shooting hoops and sometimes I practice dribbling. Last year I practiced dribbling more then this year but it really did pay off because now I can dribble under my legs and do stuff like that. Just a few days ago my dad, Bailey, and I played basketball. My dad and I played one-on-one but Bailey managed to get in and take the ball, but all she did was try to chew it. She also fouled us a lot! By the way I won that game 10-4. My dad isn’t as good as he says.
I love the fall when you can shoot deer, ducks, and pheasants, but the spring is a lot of fun especially if you’re a kid like me and LOVE to go outside.

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