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Fishing In the Dark
By Hannah Frisch
12 years, 6th grade

Hannah Frisch lands a summer crappie. She loves catching crappies in the spring at night as well!

I’m excited to catch bass this spring but before bass season opens it is panfish season.

My grandma and grandpa live at a lake by Fergus Falls. There is a lake and a little pond on the other side. In the spring before bass season my dad and I go to the pond side and in there, there is a lot of crappies and a few bluegills. We go bobber fishing in the pond because it is so shallow. We usually go at 8 at night and come back at 10 at night, which is the best time to catch fish.

In the day a lot of people go fishing and get a few but at night it is usually just my dad and me and we get way more crappies than the other people probably because there isn’t a lot of people and in the dark is a good time to get them. Sometimes we keep some and eat them. I don’t like fish but my dad, mom, and grandparents do. We don’t keep a lot, some days we don’t keep any because then there won’t be any next year. Last year a lot of people caught a lot, even some over the limit so my dad and I usually don’t so there is more to catch there.

It was nice because we didn’t get hot but it wasn’t really cool either, it was very relaxing. When it is just us and we are bobber fishing in the pond we get crappies about every third cast. Sometimes we have bets who will get the first fish or who will get the most and I usually win, or sometimes we will just talk. It is one of my favorite things to do in the spring. It is fun, relaxing, and is great to be just my dad and me. I’m very excited to do it this spring!


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