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Fishing This Summer
By Hannah Frisch
11 years, 6th grade


This year I have fished a lot and it has been good for catching all kinds of fish. We have been fishing for walleyes at a lake by my hometown in Minnesota. The bite has been very good there and the walleye have been fair size. Now it isn’t as good as it was in the spring, but it is still pretty good. One time I went fishing with my dad on that same lake, and he caught a sturgeon, it was my first time seeing one. It was very ugly but it put up a fight, and took awhile for my dad to get it up.

Personally my favorite thing to catch is bass. My dad and I have been doing mostly bass fishing this year. It has been good all year especially in the spring when they are spawning. Recently it has been good too. My dad and I have been fishing by my hometown and at about 6:30 the fish jump around and are fun to catch.

My dad and I were just driving by the reeds fishing and we saw fish jumping. I asked him why they were up and he said they were up to eat the minnows at the surface. It was the first time I saw it. To me it looked like a largemouth bass party. Almost every cast we got a fish and they are still doing it. That was probably one of the best fishing trips I ever went on.

I love fishing, especially with my dad, and I hope next year is just as good. Have a great year and I hope you all had a great year fishing too.


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